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a natural “flu shot” & staying healthy during flu season

It's that time - flu season. If you're lucky like my family you've probably already had the flu once or twice. Luckily, there is a natural way to help boost your immune system and prevent yourself from catching the flu! If you've already caught the flu - there is also a natural way of getting… Continue reading a natural “flu shot” & staying healthy during flu season


my health journey; the full story

Okay, so I don't think I've ever really taken the time to share the full story of my health journey. This is definitely going to be a "read" so this is only for those who are truly interested :). I've always had a taste for healthy food. Even as a child a preferred a smoothie… Continue reading my health journey; the full story


quinoa stuffed roasted peppers

I am always looking for meals that are high in plant-based protein! My husband is big on hitting the gym, and always asking me to provide some more protein for him after a good work out. I love beans, BUT I always worry if they are going to provide what I need, since they are… Continue reading quinoa stuffed roasted peppers


plant-based protein pumpkin muffins

Pumpkin is a delicious & nutrient packed fruit! (yes, pumpkin is technically a fruit). This superfood is high in fiber, helps you to feel full, improves your blood pressure & heart health, and even helps you to sleep better! I always struggle to get enough protein in, so I added some of Sunwarrior's Plant-based Protein… Continue reading plant-based protein pumpkin muffins

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finding health is a journey

  Something that I've been thinking a lot about recently is achieving health. I've always thought of health as a destination, that if only I could get there, life would be perfect. It seems like there is always that person who seems to have "gotten there". They seem perfectly healthy/happy & that they are hangin'… Continue reading finding health is a journey


sweet potato turmeric soup

Okay, I actually think this soup is the joy of my life right now. Sorry husband. But seriously, I have been obsessed with warm, spiced soup but haven't found a good recipe yet. So I made up my own! With a variety of different root veggies & my person fav ingredient - turmeric root... this… Continue reading sweet potato turmeric soup


vegan roasted red pepper & mushroom alfredo

Okay, this recipe comes straight from the heart. I LOVE alfredo sauce. Ever since I've started eating dairy free, alfredo is the one thing I really felt like I couldn't live without. It is my ultimate comfort food, what I ate at every restaurant, and what I dream about at night. SO I created this… Continue reading vegan roasted red pepper & mushroom alfredo

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10 tips to being a healthy eater

eating healthy ain’t easy… don’t i know it! i talk to people all the time who will say that they don’t have “time” to eat healthy. in fact i’ve said that a million times myself. whether you are a mommy, a student, working full time, etc… it seems like eating healthy is the last thing… Continue reading 10 tips to being a healthy eater


healthy wheat banana bread

  healthy wheat banana bread (dairy-free, vegan) guys, I am so obsessed with banana bread, it is not even funny. i made this loaf & straight up cut it up and put in in everything - yogurt (almond-milk), granola, covered with raw honey as a desert, plain slices for breakfast.... it makes me so happy,… Continue reading healthy wheat banana bread