toddler-friendly carrot chocolate chip muffins

Everyone with a toddler knows that it can be hard to get veggies in every day! Shilo started out a healthy eater, but now that he is a "grown up" at 18 months he thinks he can start denying all the good stuff ;). Nothing is more rewarding than the ultimate mom-trickery..... Sneaking veggies into… Continue reading toddler-friendly carrot chocolate chip muffins

Health, holistic remedies

homemade bone broth & bone broth benefits

BONE BROTH.... It sounds so weird & creepy but it has become one of my absolute favorite natural remedies for gut healing and healthy digestion. I'm going to share what the benefits of bone broth are, as well as my favorite homemade recipe. What is Bone Broth? Bone broth is a broth made from the… Continue reading homemade bone broth & bone broth benefits


orange-apple cider

Best part of fall season = HOT DRANKS. But srsly. I love hot cocoa, tea's, and especially apple cider! These days you can buy apple cider already made, but it's usually full of refined sugars, corn syrup, preservatives and other ingredients that I don't even recognize! So, here is a simple, yet delicious, gourmet tasting… Continue reading orange-apple cider


pumpkin spice choco-chip cookies

I have a true love for pumpkin spice everything. Call me basic. But these light, cake-y, pumpkin spiced choco-chip cookies are not only better for you than the average cookie, they taste delicious!! These cookies are gluten-free, diary-free and refined sugar free. I hope you love! Pumpkin spice choco-chip cookies (gluten-free, dairy-free) Ingredients: 1 c… Continue reading pumpkin spice choco-chip cookies


golden tumeric mylk

Inflammation is a normal part of every day life. We all experience it, from headaches, aching muscles, tummy aches, digestive upsets, to simply just being stressed. Inflammation is the largest contributor to chronic disease. I like trying to live as inflammation-free as possible seeing as I am very sensitive to inflammation... However, it's very difficult… Continue reading golden tumeric mylk


vegan ranch dressing

  I'm like, always craving good dressing. I've never been a salad girl, or, if I was it was a vehicle for the dressing LETZ BE HONEST. I've come to enjoy salads now, however, my desire for good quality dressing that tastes good AND has good ingredients still stands. This dressing is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free,… Continue reading vegan ranch dressing