coconut stir-fry

Ever since I discovered all my food allergies I've been seriously craving some of my fav comfort foods. Stir-fry is definitely one of them! I don't consume soy products because for the most part all soy crops are GMO, therefore anything made with soy has genetically modified ingredients, making it toxic for your body. (unless… Continue reading coconut stir-fry


quinoa stuffed roasted peppers

I am always looking for meals that are high in plant-based protein! My husband is big on hitting the gym, and always asking me to provide some more protein for him after a good work out. I love beans, BUT I always worry if they are going to provide what I need, since they are… Continue reading quinoa stuffed roasted peppers


plant-based protein pumpkin muffins

Pumpkin is a delicious & nutrient packed fruit! (yes, pumpkin is technically a fruit). This superfood is high in fiber, helps you to feel full, improves your blood pressure & heart health, and even helps you to sleep better! I always struggle to get enough protein in, so I added some of Sunwarrior's Plant-based Protein… Continue reading plant-based protein pumpkin muffins

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finding health is a journey

  Something that I've been thinking a lot about recently is achieving health. I've always thought of health as a destination, that if only I could get there, life would be perfect. It seems like there is always that person who seems to have "gotten there". They seem perfectly healthy/happy & that they are hangin'… Continue reading finding health is a journey